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My Confessions As a Gamer

As I embark upon my fourth foray into blogging (yes, I drop habits too easily — but not this time!), I feel as if I’d be doing a disservice to you, the reader, if I didn’t admit a few things about myself as a gamer. Granted, this is not a gaming-only blog, but since it is one of the three heavy focuses, I’m better off getting this out of the way now than having to explain myself later.

That, and I can always link back to this post if people keep asking annoying questions about my gaming history! 🙂

1) I’m exclusively a console gamer and a devout Sony fanatic. While I respect what other companies have done with their systems, my loyalties lie with Sony because of the fond memories I’ve had with each iteration of the PlayStation. Many of those memories are attached to significant life events (which I may share from time-to-time). But more importantly, each PlayStation has had a library of games that have been significant landmarks, both in my life and in the history of videogames. Without the PlayStation, I may never have maintained my friendship with my childhood best friend or bonded so deeply with many of my family members. I owe a great personal debt to the Sony brand.

2) As much as I criticize yearly updates, I still end up buying them anyway. That goes for the Madden series and the annual WWE sim games. I just can’t help myself. I am, however, able to avoid purchasing each iteration of Call of Duty — until Amazon slashes the price significantly, anyway.

3) I compare every RPG to the Suikoden series. When mainstream American gamers think RPGs, they think Final Fantasy or Fallout or any game that’s done big numbers in the West. However, I think of the first three entries in the Suikoden series, particularly Suikoden II for PS1. Rarely has a game evoked so many emotions from me. When Aerith died in FFVII, I barely flinched. When the opening credits rolled in the first 10 minutes of Suikoden II, I shed a tear over the beauty of the music and the masterful cinematography. Yes, cinematography in a 32-bit, overhead sequence with 2D sprites. So much of the story was told in so few words, similar to the opening scenes in Pixar’s Up. I grew up on the Suikoden series and, in turn, I don’t believe there’ll ever be another RPG to take the place of Suikoden II.

4) Though I own many of the top-selling releases, I’m picky in my tastes. Just because I own a game, doesn’t mean I love it. I’m not made out of money, but Amazon makes it so easy and affordable to buy games, that I can’t resist when I see a AAA title’s price get slashed. I love Grand Theft Auto IV, I’m indifferent towards the two expansions. I may actually prefer Yakuza 3 & 4 to Red Dead Redemption, though all three games are great in their own right. I don’t really care for NBA 2K11 despite acknowledging that it’s probably one of the best sports games in the past 5 years. See where I’m going with this?

5) I love games…even though I don’t have much time to play them. My backlog right now is astronomical, and it’ll only get bigger even if you’re reading this in a few months’ time. I’m a workaholic, so it’s a wonder I’ve even got the time to maintain a blog. But, when I get off work, rather than go out, I’m usually cool with just relaxing in bed with a beer and a game. I can’t shake the addiction. (Games, that is, not beer…no, I don’t have a drinking problem, I swear!)

I may continue to update this as I see fit, but for now, this’ll hopefully give you a better understanding of myself as you pour into my thoughts on the world of gaming!

As always, continue the conversation below in the comments section, or follow me on Twitter (@FranchiseSAYS).

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