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Sonic Selection: Wale ft. Lloyd – “Let’s Chill”

Today’s Sonic Selection comes from Washington, D.C. native Wale (@Wale) with an assist from contemporary-R&B heavyweight Lloyd (@Lloyd_YG) and their take on a classic new-jack swing track.

Image Credit: RalphFolarin.com; Facebook.com/LloydMusic

 Wale ft. Lloyd – “Let’s Chill”

If you remember ’80s R&B group Guy and their single “Let’s Chill,” this track should sound familiar, as the production samples and tweaks elements from the original, while Lloyd hits notes similar to the original chorus in this remake. While enough has been changed to give the song a new-school feel, the good-intentioned sentiments of the old track remain. Wale expresses his desire to take things slow with a new female interest, offering a level of reasonable sincerity in his wit and delivery.

Though several months have passed since its debut on Wale’s official website (ralphfolarin.com), the song still feels fresh enough to be a hit, particularly with its wide appeal. The lyrics and performances showcase the likeability of both artists, as Wale presents himself as the everyman suitor while Lloyd maintains his image as Cassanova crooner. The production is as radio-made as the subject matter itself, making it a disappointment that, despite all of these elements, the song has yet to be released as a single. Release or no release, with two months left of summer, this track is still a perfect fit for the weather.

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