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Sonic Selection: Ryan Leslie – “Something That I Like”

Today’s Sonic Selection comes from multi-talented, award-winning singer/songwriter/producer/insert-your-job-here extraordinaire, Ryan Leslie (@ryanleslie)!

Image Credit: @RyanLeslie on Twitter

Ryan Leslie – Something That I Like

The rich instrumentation and liberal use of the harp are some of the first things to catch your ear on the track. Rarely do producers get away with experimentation on a mainstream release, but Ryan Leslie manages to pull it off during the entirety of his album Transition, with this track serving as the second of 11 songs to run the gamut of creativity. “Something That I Like” is a particular highlight and today’s Sonic Selection, not only for its seamless transfer onto a live stage, but for the sophisticated vibe, appropriate for the first day of summer. Leslie’s vocals, both rapping and singing, convey the visceral feeling of infatuation in the lyrics. In other words, the song makes you feel that you’re in the singer’s shoes.

While there are a couple of live versions of the track on YouTube, this particular performance for Esquire Magazine is a great example of the richness of the song and its transition onto the stage. “Something That I Like” was virtually made for nights on the town and block parties alike. The level of sophistication is undeniably infectious, and you can’t help but want to put on your very best while listening to the track.

As a huge fan of Ryan Leslie’s discography, there’ll be plenty more of his work showcased in future Sonic Selection entries. Consider this an introduction to the man that more music fans need to know.

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