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Sonic Selection: Lloyd Banks – “Check Me Out”

Today’s Sonic Selection is the latest track from G-Unit veteran Lloyd Banks (@lloydbanks).

Image Credit: @LloydBanks on Twitter

Lloyd Banks – “Check Me Out”

The return of Lloyd Banks to the Sonic Selection mix is a promotional single that marks another collaboration with producer Cardiak, responsible for the hit “Start It Up” from The Hunger For More 2. Sharing similarities to their previous effort, “Check Me Out” is a cascade of synthesizers over a minimalist drum pattern. The air-raid sirens, a staple of the mixtape scene, make it clear that this is strictly for Banks’ core fanbase. The track’s inclusion on a future street album would be no surprise. As always, the lyricism is effortless on Banks’ part, and the structure of the song is largely straightforward.

While not as immediately impressive as “Start It Up,” “Check Me Out” works well as a spiritual successor. The insight into Banks’ ego is an all-too familiar trip, but the ride is still fun while it lasts.

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