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Sonic Selection: Jay-Z – “Party Life”

Today’s Sonic Selection comes from hip-hop legend Jay-Z (@S_C_) with a track from one of his most critically-acclaimed albums.

Image Credit: Vibe.com

Jay-Z – “Party Life”

From the depths of Jay-Z’s expansive discography comes a track from his critically-acclaimed concept album, American Gangster, inspired by the Denzel Washington film of the same name. “Party Life” is a 4-minute journey akin to an intoxicated trip inside the VIP section of a nightclub. The liberal sampling of Little Beaver’s “Get Into the Party Life” provides the soulful backdrop to the smoky existence of a street entrepreneur. The sophistication of the sounds are matched by the veteran wit of Jay-Z, spouting lust-filled lines that would sound weak had a lesser man delivered them. There is enough bravado in Jay’s verses to overshadow the seedy feel that permeates the adult atmosphere.

The appeal of “Party Life” comes in its versatility, as it doubles as a narrative befitting both the film and any dimly-lit bedroom.

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