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Welcome to the launch of my brand-new entertainment blog!

If you couldn’t already tell from the title, I am theFRANCHISE, your digital guide into the world of sports, music, and games. Occasionally, I’ll delve into other aspects of pop culture and media, but for the most part, posts will generally be divided into those three categories.

SPORTS: I’ll mostly be covering the NFL and the pseudo-sport of pro wrestling (namely WWE), but I’ll also delve into NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, and other sports leagues as stories pique my interest.

MUSIC: I’ll be recommending music that I stumble upon during my side gig as a radio DJ, as well as offer the occasional review or op-ed piece on current events in the world of music.

GAMES: I’ll share my thoughts on games that I’m both playing and anticipating. This’ll come in the form of reviews as well as spontaneous blurbs.

Other fields, such as Movies and TV, will go under EVERYTHING ELSE. Any off-the-cuff, uncensored, unedited, impromptu posts with no general purpose or direction will go under UNSCRIPTED — this category will hopefully shed a little more insight into myself on a personal level.

While I don’t have a traditional “brand” or stated direction per se, I do have one goal: to share the things I love with a wider audience. I love to write, and I love sports, music, and games. Why not combine all those passions, right?

And yes, I realize “theFRANCHISE” isn’t the most original name in the world. I’m working on it!

Radio Personality / Entertainer. Host of FRANCHISE Radio, 91.3 WVUD. Moderator, Baltimore Ravens. iTweet: life, music, movies, games, WWE, NFL. #TeamBringIt

Contact Info:

Twitter: @theFRANCHISE325

Email: thefranchiseblogsHELLO@HEYgmail.com (remove all capitalized words for the real address)

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