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Will This Finally Be the Year That COD Falls?

For the first time in years, virtually every major gaming franchise’s newest iteration has garnered mixed reviews, most notably EA Sports’ annual releases of Madden NFL, NCAA Football, FIFA, and NHL. Numbered sequels with years of development are not immune — Square-ENIX’s Final Fantasy XIII-2 and EA’s Mass Effect 3 are the most polarizing titles … Continue reading

Are Casual Games Killing Innovation?

Everyone is a gamer. Whether it’s a console or a computer, you are likely a gamer of some sort. Once a niche market, casual gaming was a genre long-ignored until the release of the Nintendo Wii. Despite ushering in a new age of gaming, however, Nintendo unintentionally created a monster: that same casual sector that helped bring profit to … Continue reading

My Confessions As a Gamer

As I embark upon my fourth foray into blogging (yes, I drop habits too easily — but not this time!), I feel as if I’d be doing a disservice to you, the reader, if I didn’t admit a few things about myself as a gamer. Granted, this is not a gaming-only blog, but since it … Continue reading

Today’s Games: Where’s the Heart?

As of this writing, I’m 22 years old. That’s 22 years of gaming history that I’ve witnessed. Hell, I’m ancient compared to this current generation of young gamers. I’ve grown up with the original Game Boy, the second iteration of the Sega Genesis, and the original PlayStation. I was haunted by my Christmas tree as my … Continue reading