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James Harrison: Confessions of an NFL Idiot

By now, the story of James Harrison’s Men’s Journal tirade has reached almost every corner of the media-connected world. To recap, the Steelers linebacker unleashed a torrential downpour of profanity and bile in criticizing Roger Goodell; calling out teammates Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall; and insulting former Patriots players-turned-broadcasters Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi. In the midst … Continue reading

Rope Break: Rock-Austin III, WrestleMania XIX (2003)

Introducing a new feature to the blog, ROPE BREAK is my selection of favorite pro wrestling matches and moments. Today’s Rope Break is the culmination of an epic in-ring rivalry between two of the biggest names in the history of professional wrestling and modern pop culture in The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Their match … Continue reading

NFL’s Top 100 Players of 2011 is Flawed

As the title states, the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2011 list, as ranked by the players themselves, is flawed. However, I’ll take it a step further: the NFL players are wrong, point-blank, period. – The players don’t always know better — While the implication of my statement is that fans know better, this is far … Continue reading

WWE Capitol Punishment Results/Analysis

Analysis: With little build going into most of these matches, I didn’t expect to be emotionally invested in the card — and I was right. However, that didn’t mean that the show wasn’t promising from a wrestling standpoint, and on that end, Capitol Punishment certainly delivered on expectations, good and bad. The opening bout between … Continue reading

WWE Capitol Punishment Predictions

Tonight, WWE presents Capitol Punishment, emanating live from Washington, D.C. on pay-per-view. Here’s a look at the card as I see it: World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (champion) vs. Christian — The x-factor in this match is Orton’s legitimate concussion. While Orton himself indicated on Twitter that he is medically cleared after passing impact testing, … Continue reading

The Problem With John Cena

I admit it. I used to be a John Cena fan. I was all about that “Word Life” and “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” back when Cena was the self-proclaimed Doctor of Thugonomics. I knew the words to “Basic Thugonomics”: Whether fightin’ or spittin’, my discipline is ‘Unforgiven’ // Got you backin’ up in a defensive position // … Continue reading

Canucks Fans Riot: Passion or Insanity?

Via ESPN: “Angry, drunken fans ran wild Wednesday night after the Vancouver Canucks’ 4-0 loss to Boston in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, setting cars and garbage cans ablaze, smashing windows, showering giant TV screens with beer bottles and dancing atop overturned vehicles.” My take: In the aftermath of the Stanley Cup Finals, a … Continue reading