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I’ve Been Doing it Wrong

I’ve been gone for too long. Far, far too long. I’ve suddenly got the itch to write again, so here’s what I’ll do: no more strict formats, no more self-imposed deadlines. Just writing however I want, whenever I want. I started the blog with the idea that I’d eventually become a brand. Instead, I’ll let … Continue reading

I’ll Be Back…

I know it’s been far too long since I’ve written my last post. But I promise, no matter how long it takes, I’ll be back. Writing is my passion. Whether you love me or hate me, I’ll give you a reason to read — stay tuned.

James Harrison: Confessions of an NFL Idiot

By now, the story of James Harrison’s Men’s Journal tirade has reached almost every corner of the media-connected world. To recap, the Steelers linebacker unleashed a torrential downpour of profanity and bile in criticizing Roger Goodell; calling out teammates Ben Roethlisberger and Rashard Mendenhall; and insulting former Patriots players-turned-broadcasters Rodney Harrison and Tedy Bruschi. In the midst … Continue reading

NFL’s Top 100 Players of 2011 is Flawed

As the title states, the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2011 list, as ranked by the players themselves, is flawed. However, I’ll take it a step further: the NFL players are wrong, point-blank, period. – The players don’t always know better — While the implication of my statement is that fans know better, this is far … Continue reading

The Problem With Chris Brown

We’ve read all about the Rihanna incident. We’ve heard about the outburst on the set of ABC’s Good Morning America. We’ve (unfortunately) seen the infamous Twitpic. We’ve even heard from the man himself on Twitter, with both explanations and excuses about his actions and reactions. Despite all that we’ve seen, heard, and claim to know about him, … Continue reading

Are Casual Games Killing Innovation?

Everyone is a gamer. Whether it’s a console or a computer, you are likely a gamer of some sort. Once a niche market, casual gaming was a genre long-ignored until the release of the Nintendo Wii. Despite ushering in a new age of gaming, however, Nintendo unintentionally created a monster: that same casual sector that helped bring profit to … Continue reading

My Confessions As a Gamer

As I embark upon my fourth foray into blogging (yes, I drop habits too easily — but not this time!), I feel as if I’d be doing a disservice to you, the reader, if I didn’t admit a few things about myself as a gamer. Granted, this is not a gaming-only blog, but since it … Continue reading