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Sonic Selection: Keri Hilson – “Alienated”

Today’s Sonic Selection comes from Atlanta R&B songstress and Grammy nominee Keri Hilson (@misskeribaby).  Keri Hilson – “Alienated” A scrapped single during the last legs of her debut album In a Perfect World…, “Alienated” is a wistful love letter laid upon heavy beats and futuristic synths provided by producer Cory Bold. The mid-tempo track is tailor-made for radio, … Continue reading

The Problem With Chris Brown

We’ve read all about the Rihanna incident. We’ve heard about the outburst on the set of ABC’s Good Morning America. We’ve (unfortunately) seen the infamous Twitpic. We’ve even heard from the man himself on Twitter, with both explanations and excuses about his actions and reactions. Despite all that we’ve seen, heard, and claim to know about him, … Continue reading

Sonic Selection: Passion Pit – “The Reeling”

Today’s Sonic Selection comes from critically-acclaimed electro-pop group, Passion Pit (@passionpit).  Passion Pit – “The Reeling”   The fourth single from their 2009 release Manners, “The Reeling” is a throwback to the decadent dance scene of the ’70s and ’80s, complete with layered synthesizers and random sound effects. The high-pitched vocals and vague lyrics mirror … Continue reading